Professional Profile

Tian Jay is a professional musician with close to 30 years live experience.

Having grown up in a household littered with musical instruments, it was only natural that Tian would be inspired to create and play music. During his mid teens Tian began to become extremely interested in music technology. With a natural and intuitive talent for programming musical gear, Tian dedicated a lot of time in teaching fellow musicians how to become more proficient at programming their own musical equipment.

As the digital age began to grow, Tian turned his attention to being able to produce video tutorials so that he could more easily help musicians all around the world. Today, Tian runs his own production company, specialising in training videos along with graphic design and music programming whilst at the same time continuing to write and record with his original band project Earthling777 and performs live regularly with high profile Australian corporate cover band BigCityBeat.

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