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  1. The Basics
    • Basic overview of the GT8’s front panel
    • Discusses the different Save Modes, and the difference between Patch Mode, and Manual Mode
  2. Tone Shaping
    • System Input Level, and System Presence
    • Overview of the Preamp and the different modes and settings
    • Walkthrough of creating a Patch from Scratch
  3. Connections
    • A look at all of the many connection possibilities as well as the different FX Loop functions
  4. Levels & Metering
    • Overview of the different Level adjustments and different considerations when setting levels
    • Meter Settings
  5. Amp Control, FX Chain and Smooth Patch Change
    • Overview of the Amp Control feature
    • Overview of the FX Chain and how to shuffle FX around within a chain
    • Creating a smooth patch change so that FX such as the Delay and Reverb decay carry over to the next Patch
  6. Equalization
    • An Overview of EQ and how it applies in the GT8
  7. Custom Settings
    • A quick look at all of the Customizable functions of the GT8
  8. Pedal Assignments
    • An overview of the many different real time control functions and an in depth look at the
      • Assignment Menus
      • Pedal Calibration
      • 6 Patch examples that utilize the various different Pedal Assign features
  9. Twelve Patches
    • 12 Patches that were specially created to feature many of the different FX in the GT8. Features On Screen settings and sound samples.
  10. Backing Up
    • Backing up and Restoring Patches to the Computer using the Boss GT-Pro Librarian
  11. Hold Delay
    • Using the Hold Delay function. Features an overview and real time video example