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Please note that this is a downloadable version. Requires Quicktime Player to view.


  1. Connections
    • Connecting your GT6 – step by step instruction of connecting your GT6 to either a Combo, Amp with FX Loop, Mixing Desk and/or D.I, Powered speakers and the 4 Cable method
    • Connecting an external device – Step by step instruction of how to connect a device or stomp box into the FX Loop of the GT6
  2. Patch Creation
    • A Patch from Scratch. Step by step instruction on how to create a new patch
    • 8 Patches. 8 unique patches created by Tian Jay with an audio demo of each one. Utilizes your DVD remote to “frame advance” through each parameter
    • Backing up. A detailed look at connecting your GT6 via MIDI with the purpose of storing your patches on your computer. This section uses GT Manager by Partheus Software. A quick look at editing in GT Manager and saving back to your GT6
    • Levels. An overview of the different level types used in the GT6 and what they all control
  3. Pedal Assignments
    • Introduction. Outlines what all of the different Ctl/Expression Pedals do, and includes Sub Pedals
    • Rhythm/Lead. Shows how to make a “dry” rhythm patch, double as a lead/solo patch by making multiple assignments to the pedals. Features audio demo of completed patch and assignments
    • Ring Mod/Whammy. A more advanced patch that utilizes a Sub Expression Pedal, and shows how to use the pedal to toggle FX from the FX1 and FX2 sections of the GT6. Features wicked audio demo
    • CTL Pedal Tap Tempo. Shows how to set up the Control Pedal to control the rate of tempo based FX, by tapping your foot on the pedal. This demo uses the Delay, but this function works the same for Flanger, Phaser, Uni-Vibe, Pan, Vibrato/Tremolo, Slicer etc.
    • Active Range Lo & Hi. Explains what these often overlooked functions actually do, in relation to pedal assignments
  4. Recording
    • Digital Output. A quick look at what the Digital Output is
    • Recording the GT6. This section will help get people on the road to recording. Step by step instruction that shows Tian Jay creating a short 7 track recording. Shows each track being laid in real time
  5. Cool Stuff
    • Tempo FX. This features 4 different tempo based FX, the Uni-Vibe, Flanger, Humanizer and Slicer. Listen to the audio demo that plays the same riff at a set tempo, but with 4 different tempo/note settings for each effect
    • Tune o matic. Learn how to have your Tuner/Bypass function accessible in every patch without having to assign it to a Ctl Pedal
  6. Utilities
    • EQ Overview. Basic explanation of what EQ is, in terms that anyone can understand and shows how this translates to the GT6
    • Global Menu. A quick look at the global functions and why you would ever need to use them
    • Meter Overview. Shows how to use the Meter function in order to keep your sound from clipping
    • FX Chain. Shows how to switch the order of FX within the chain and a basic explanation of how different order changes the way an effect sounds
  7. Bonus Patches
    • The DVD now contains an additional 12 patches. There are 4 Synth type sounds, 4 Clean and 4 Dirty