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  1. Navigating the menus
    • A look at how to navigate around the System, Master and FX menus as well as a complete overview of all of their respective functions
  2. Connections
    • See how to make all the basic connections to different amps and speaker systems as well as introducing external pedals into the FX Loop of the GT10
  3. Levels
    • Discusses the 3 tiers of level adjustments within the GT10 and has a look at ways of level matching
  4. Creating Patches
    • A step-by-step guide to creating a patch from scratch with some tips for creating patches using alternate methods


  1. Phrase Loop
    • Looks at the 2 different phrase loop modes and how to utilize them
  2. Custom Editing
    • A complete look at the powerful custom settings within the GT10 including saving quick presets, custom overdrive and speakers and creating your own custom harmonist scales and auto riffs
  3. Assignments
    • An In depth look at all of the real time assignment possibilities from the onboard controllers to the virtual controllers such as the wave, internal pedal and input sensitivity. Also looks at controlling parameters via MIDI continuous control messages
  4. Equalization
    • An overview of what EQ is and the differences between graphic and parametric and how to use it in a practical sense
  5. Backing up
    • Learn how to use GT10 Librarian to save and restore patches for back up purposes